My research and teaching are both sensitive to the importance of spaces–physical ones that we inhabit, and interiority for critical thinking.

My classroom adapts to suit diverse groups of students as they encounter course materials. Through critical attention to the grey areas in texts, its cracks and fissures, I ask students to develop an eye for the nuances of lived experience.

In best cases, the classroom is a porous space where rigorous study, sustained writing, and reflective practices lead to the development of a robust personal philosophy and engaged citizenship in students.

I am currently an assistant professor of English at Guttman Community College, CUNY. I have held part-time teaching positions since 2007 within the City University of New York and have been a Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow at the School of Professional Studies, CUNY.

Selected Teaching Interests:

British modernism, prose and poetry
Twentieth century fiction (focus on women’s literature, world Anglophone literature, or literature in translation)
Literary theory and methods of literary study
Introduction to Film studies, Film History
Genre studies in film, incl. film noir and Italian neorealism