Public talks

I have been talking modernism at various venues:

January 2018 at the Bard High School Early College Dean’s Hour Talk, where I discussed Virginia Woolf and her extraordinary novel, To the Lighthouse: [audio]

June 2017 at the Difficult to Name Reading Series, I spoke about Virginia Woolf, feminism and war. I gave a brief written interview beforehand.

As part of the Humanities New York Public Scholars program, I speak about my research with non-academic audiences. Please see my profile here. Previous appearances:

October 2016 at the Manor Club on Virginia Woolf and women’s education

September 2016 at the Smithtown-Kings Park Library on Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times, and the American Dream

I also speak about other topics close to my heart:

September 2017 on CUNY TV’s City Cinematheque program, I discussed Satyajit Ray’s movie Aparajito (1956) with Dr. Jerry Carlson

April 2017 at the Graduate Center, CUNY on teaching the humanities at community college. The event organizer’s thoughts on the panel are here.