Public talks

Invited Lectures on Modernism and Related Topics
I have been talking modernism at various academic venues (not including professional conference presentations):

January 2019 at the Bard High School Early College Dean’s Hour Talk, I discussed the politics of emplacement in E. M. Forster’s A Passage to India

October 2018 at the Inaugural Faculty Roundtable of the Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference of the Comp Literature department at the Graduate Center, CUNY, I spoke about displacement as a useful pedagogic technique for dealing with the modernist canon

January 2018 at the Bard High School Early College Dean’s Hour Talk, I discussed Virginia Woolf and families in To the Lighthouse: [audio]

Public Humanities Work on Modernism
I love talking modernism with non-academic audiences, too. Below are my recent appearances as an independent speaker or through the Humanities New York Public Scholars program (my profile here):

June 2017 at the Difficult to Name Reading Series, I spoke about Virginia Woolf, feminism and war. I gave a brief written interview beforehand.

October 2016 at the Manor Club, I talked about Virginia Woolf, pacifism, and women’s education

September 2016 at the Smithtown-Kings Park Library, I discussed Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times, and the American Dream

Invited Talks or Presentations (non-Modernism)
I also speak about other topics close to my heart:

February 2019 at the podcast “Indoor Voices,” my writing group, all CUNY colleagues, discussed the importance of university-level professional support and our development as “good feminists” at work. Listen to us here.

October 2018 at the Graduate Center, CUNY, I spoke on a panel about new directions in humanities research at the Mellon-funded Community Colleges and the Future of the Humanities conference

September 2017 on CUNY TV’s City Cinematheque program, I discussed Satyajit Ray’s movie Aparajito (1956) with Dr. Jerry Carlson

April 2017 at the Graduate Center, CUNY I spoke on a panel discussing teaching humanities at community colleges. The event organizer’s thoughts on the panel are here.